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Matthew C., Texas short story/novella author

“Adrienne knows writing. She’s got an alarm in her head set to be triggered by structural issues, but she’s also a reader who has a feel for content development. She offers advice when advice is needed, and she gives corrections that help pull the piece together. She’ll listen to justifications for the choices of the author, which is not always the case with editors, but she won’t hold back when she believes the integrity of the piece is compromised. Adrienne cares about writing as well as the author, and she’s  willing to develop a relationship with writers who are looking for a serious partnership. Send her some work and judge the results for yourself.” 

Dr. Lloyd Flatt

“I worked extensively with Ms. Pond at Lost Art Editing while writing my first novel, Mars Hospital: A Doctor’s Novel.  Ms. Pond was both an excellent editor and an excellent teacher. As a first-time author, I struggled with many areas of writing. Ms. Pond was thorough in identifying these areas and helping me work through my difficulties.  My manuscript ended up much stronger as a result. And my next novel will be much easier to write because of all that I learned! I highly recommend Adrienne Pond at Lost Art Editing. Her work is terrific. You will not be disappointed.”

Rocky Mountain Outdoor Writers & Photographers

“Thank you for your amazing writing workshop. It was wonderful, thought provoking, affirmative, and encouraging. The feedback I received after you left was extremely positive. You made such an impact on so many.”

Robert Brighton, author of The Avenging Angel Detective Agency™️ Mysteries

“Adrienne worked with me on my novel Current of Darkness, doing a line edit and then proofreading the laid-out pages. Let me tell you, she proved to have the eye of an eagle and the soul of an artist! I learned long ago (the hard way!) that a GOOD editor can make a big difference in the quality of the finished work. Now dig this . . . Adrienne is a GREAT editor. So you may imagine the contribution she made. I’m looking forward to working with her again on a future project!”

Nicole Dial-Kay, Curator of Exhibitions and Collections, Harwood Museum of Art (coauthor, HARWOOD CENTENNIAL: 100 Works for 100 Years)

Adrienne's dedication, attention to detail, and deep understanding of the subject matter were truly commendable. She skillfully navigated the intricate narrative of the history of the Harwood Museum, weaving together the stories behind each of the 100 selected artworks from our permanent collection. Her editorial expertise elevated the overall quality of the manuscript, ensuring that the essence and significance of each piece were captured eloquently.

What sets Adrienne apart is not just her proficiency in the technical aspects of editing but also her collaborative spirit. She engaged with the content in a way that reflected a genuine passion for the arts and a commitment to preserving and sharing the rich history of the Harwood Museum. Adrienne's insights and suggestions contributed immensely to the coherence and flow of the narrative, creating a seamless reading experience for our audience.

The success of Harwood 100 is, in no small part, attributed to Adrienne Pond's invaluable contributions. Her professionalism, creativity, and collaborative approach make her a standout editor, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking an editor who goes above and beyond to bring a project to its full potential.


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